Autism Treatment: Diagnosis and Recovery Using the GAPS Diet & More – Book

Autism Treatment: Diagnosis and Recovery Using the GAPS Diet & More – Book

My book Autism Treatment: Diagnosis and Recovery Using the GAPS Diet & More is officially a #1 best seller! Here’s some information about it and a link to it on Amazon. I hope you find it inspiring, insightful, and full of great information that you can use right away.

What is the Autism Treatment book about?

This book is about my son’s onset of autism and my family’s journey to heal him. My mission in writing this book is to share a powerful message with the world. My message is this: Wake up, people. Autism is just one of a thousand debilitating and heartbreaking illnesses that our children are being diagnosed with today, and it is our own fault.

After my son, Aaron, was diagnosed with autism at age three, I have had to travel an expensive and painful road that proves without a doubt that autism is not only treatable, but also preventable. I know that statement might make many people angry, but I do not have time to care about that. I have one life to live and I am going to make it the best life I can. That means being willing to take responsibility for my mistakes, regardless of blame. My children are the most important things in the world to me, and I intend to teach them something while I have time on this earth. I wrote this book to show them through my living example the importance of life.

Life is precious. Life is a gift. But what happens when we start compromising the quality of our children’s lives before they even get a chance to live one? That is not a future I want to perpetuate. Instead, I offer my story and my experience as a lesson in autism recovery and prevention to anyone who is open and willing to learn.

It is simple. Five aspects of autism recovery and prevention need to be honored in order to reverse our sad trajectory. They are lifestyle, diet, nutrition, environment, and mental outlook. Living a life that uses these principles is absolutely the best protection for the children of the future and they are the foundation of a truly effective autism recovery model.

Where can you get my Autism Treatment book?

My book is for sale on Amazon, and you can get it by clicking right here:


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And get these great downloads in the mean-time:

  • My 3 part audio series Quick Start to Autism Recovery
  • My 4 free reports, including “6 Biggest Mistakes Parents of Autistic Kids Make,” “6 Steps to a Non-Toxic Kitchen,” “Top 5 Ways to Boost Immunity,” and “Household Aggravators.”

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