Healing my Son’s Autism with GAPS Diet – VIDEO

Healing my Son’s Autism with GAPS Diet – VIDEO

In this 45 minute video, you’ll hear my first-hand story of healing my son’s autism with GAPS diet. I hope you’ll find this as powerful and meaningful as it is to me!

As a bit of background…my son was diagnosed with autism when he was three. I saw it coming after he began to slip away following his MMR vaccine. For a year and a half, our family fought behind closed doors about Aaron and what was happening to him. No one wanted to believe that we were losing him, but we were. By the time he was diagnosed, we had severe issues with speech, communication, toe walking, jumping, head tics, and startle reflexes, just to name a few.

After less than one year of following traditional autism intervention tactics, Aaron’s autism had literally exploded. He was getting worse, not  better. In fact, his behavior had become so unbearable that we were confined to our home with him, unable to take him anywhere, and walking on eggshells awaiting his next tantrum.

How to Heal Autism

After meeting a real person who had succeeded in recovering her own child, I found the direction and the courage I needed to bring my child back. The GAPS diet was the answer I had been looking for.  The GAPS diet taught me what I needed to know about food and how I could use it therapeutically to heal Aaron.

GAPS teaches that lifestyle, environment, and mental outlook are important part of recovery, but that diet and nutrition must lay the foundation. I studied hard and realized that I had been making so many mistakes with my child. I was the reason he was failing. So, my house received an extreme make-over which started in the kitchen and spread through-out ever facet of our life. The result was amazing, and my son’s condition began to improve.

Our Progress with Diet, GAPS, and Autism

Today, Aaron is thriving and I’ve dedicated my life to sharing his message with the world in order to help reverse the sad trajectory we face with the autism epidemic. GAPS diet is something that more and more people are hearing about because it actually works. It has to be done correctly to get results, and often times people miss some of the basics.

When done correctly, your lifestyle and environment will be reinvented to facilitate a diet that nourishes and heals. The principles and truths about food that this diet is based on will forever change the way you look at what you put in your mouth and feed your family.

For more info on the GAPS diet, read Gut and Psychology Syndrome written by Dr. Natasha Campbell – McBride, MD.

This book changed my life and gave my son a future. Thanks for listening to my story, please help me spread Aaron’s transformation by sharing this with everyone you know.

Have you read this book? What’s your story? Please let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your inspirational journey to recover your son from autism. It was exactly what I needed to hear to begin the process for my boys. I hope to see the same fantastic results.

    • You are so welcome! If you want additional guidance in getting started, there is very useful information available for download on my site http://www.thedamageundone.com.


    • Best wishes to you and your family! I hope you find the same success that we did with our son. GAPS can be tricky to get going because of the total adjustment in lifestyle. But once you get the hang of it life becomes much easier.

  2. Thanks Patrisha! We’ve started the GAPS diet 6 weeks ago and are slowly going through the intro. The first week was rough for the little men, but we pushed through, and all I can say is wow! The differences we’re seeing in their behaviours is remarkable. I would never have thought my boys would eat avocado and ask for soup. They’re eating so much! It’s really been worth the effort.

    ps – I just ordered your book tonight and can’t wait to read it!

    • Hello Alana!

      I’m so thrilled to hear about your gains! Indeed, GAPS was a game changer for my little guy. Thank you so much for reaching out. Please keep in touch and keep me posted on your progress. Congratulations on a great start to autism recovery!




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